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About DJ MAO

日本のDJ - DJ Mao 

日本で人気のDJ Maoの仕事は日本のみならず、韓国で映画等に出演していたりと世界各地でもその人気ぶりはお墨付き。
新時代DJであるDJ Maoの空間演出は、この先数多くの施設に良いアトモスフィアを与える事になるだろう。
音楽ジャンル: EDM,Trap,Hardstyle, Pop and Top40.

Mao - Japanese DJ Artist.

Mao built her global reputation from her works across films and tv dramas around the Asia region since 2012 and was inspired to take a step forward with her DJing in the year 2018.

In the same year, Mao’s DJ career lift-off by getting invited to perform around Asia, including America ,Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, and many more.

Mao Hamasaki is always exploring new ways to interact with her crowd and gives out her most to keep the vibe on the roof.

Specialized Genres: EDM, Trap, Hard-style, Pop, Top 40.

日本DJ - 浜崎真緒 DJ Mao

•日本一直帶有名氣的DJ Mao,曾參與韓國電視及節目,在亞洲各地區有巨大人氣,DJ事業也受到各大夜店愛戴,曾在中國,美國,香港,澳門,新加坡, 馬來西亞 ,菲律賓,柬埔寨等國家及地區演出

•作為新世代DJ, DJ Mao 的演出充滿氣氛,會為每間夜店帶來迴響。

•音樂風格EDM, Trap, Hardstyle, pop and top 40.


mao tee 2023.png

2019 Top 100 DJ
DJanetop Asia # 97

2020 Top 100 DJ 
DJaneTop World #70
DJanetop Asia # 8

2021 TOP 100 DJ
DJanetop Asia # 11

2022 TOP 100 DJ

DJanetop Asia # 99

2023 TOP 100 DJ

DJanetop Asia # 90

Mao Hamasaki in Top 100 Djane Asia 2019
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